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About Us

Our primary objective is the creation of violin/fiddle lessons capable of being delivered via the Internet. We have over twenty years prior experience in Information Technology, teaching/instructing, systematic courseware design and training. In addition, we also have a keen interest in music: both in playing and teaching.
The lessons we are presently developing (initially for the violin) are designed to:
(a) Complement and enhance (face to face) teacher/student lessons.
(b) Substitute for the unavailability of a teacher.

These lessons will be available both on CD-ROM and on-line via the Internet.

We are not in the business of just teaching tunes to be played on the violin/fiddle. If you want to learn tunes, there are many admirable web sites on the Internet which provide this service. However, it should be remembered that if you play with poor tone, weak sound or whatever, then learning a hundred tunes will not solve the problem! It just means that you can now play a hundred tunes as before. The lack of tone and overall smoothness may not bother you when playing in groups or sessions as the blend of instruments will hide your deficiencies, but what about when you are playing on your own? Of course, tunes will be part of the lesson structure but the technique of producing expressive tone will be given greater priority in the lessons.

Products are presently being developed to teach Violin/Fiddle technique with the aid of the JMcK method having secured the services of Jim McKillop, the internationally recognised violinist/fiddle player. Jim has superb technique and plays in a variety of musical styles, ranging from fast fiddle music to slow expressive music that some people might call classical style. However, he uses the same technique of sound production no matter what style he plays in. Click on the Navigation Bar or on this link Jim McKillop for more information.

Even more important to you as a potential student, is that the JMcK method is based on simple mechanical principles of co-ordination between bowhand and fiddlehand, and once explained, demonstrated and practiced, these principles can be mastered in a reasonably short time.