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Systematically designed lessons.

A few quick definitions:
Closed Loop Tuition: Conventional Teacher/Pupil tuition.
Open Loop Tuition: Distance Learning outside the conventional Teacher/Pupil environment, e.g. correspondence course learning using text books.
Multimedia: Lesson content using the additional media of Video, Sound and Graphics.
Digital Multimedia: Digitised and accessible on any computer storage device such as CD-ROM or DVD etc. This same material can now be quickly delivered to the home of a student irrespective of location, using Broadband digital channels via the Internet.
Systematic Course Design: No matter what delivery medium is used, or how fancy the lesson material is presented, the learning material is likely to fail to live up to the student's expectations if it is not systematically designed. Systematic course design ensures that each section of the learning material has definable, measurable and realistic objectives.
Closed Loop learning.
The presence of an excellent teacher to guide and inspire the student is the greatest advantage of Closed Loop learning, since human interaction can be the most effective method of communication. However, excellent teachers may not be available for the student, as they may be inconsistent or lack a proven systematic training method. In addition, personality differences between student and teacher may arise and changing the teacher may not be a solution for the student, if no other teacher is available in the locality!
Advantages of Open Loop Learning.
(a) The student can measure progress via a definite progression path provided systematically designed learning material is used.
(b) Direct interaction between student and tutor is now possible using the present technology of Video Conferencing, which narrows the gap between closed loop and open loop learning.
(c) The student can playback course material as required: avoiding the inefficiency of conventional lessons where the student may remember only a fraction of the lesson content at the next practice session at home.
(d) The student can access Multimedia lessons anytime, as opposed to conventional prearranged lesson times which may be inconvenient.
(e) Multimedia lessons can be cheaper than the conventional lesson hourly rate.
(f) No travelling time or expenses are required.
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