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McKillop Bowed Instruments...... Violas....Violins.....Cellos

Jim McKillop has an international reputation for the excellent instruments he produces in his workshop. His instruments are highly sought after and are sold world wide.
Amongst the many admirers of his work, was the late/great Jazz violinist Stephanne Grapelli.
Stephanne Grapelli & Jim
Having studied violin making in England and in Italy, Jim has an extensive knowledge of the classic violin makers and their instruments. At right, the tomb of Antonio Stradivari in Cremona Italy in 1986 on the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary.
Jim at the tomb of Antonio Stradivari
The viola used in playing "The Coolin"  on the Floating Bowhand video
A McKillop Viola.
One of the violins on display featured in the Floating Bowhand video.

A McKillop Violin
For more information on instruments and prices
Contact Jim McKillop at: Tel: 353-(0) 42-9380123
Violin scrollwork 1 violin scrollwork 2
Part of Jim's workshop and studio
A Cello near completion.
The fine McKillop scrollwork.