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The Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival 2015
The Bluegrass Festival in Dunmore East Co. Waterford is on from Thursday 27th August to Sunday 30th August 2015. It usually takes off on the Friday and ends up as a great weekend for not only Bluegrass fans but all music lovers.
For more information, click Here to link to the Discover Dunmore.com website.
2015 All Ireland Fleadh.

The All Ireland Fleadh 2015 week is being held once again in Sligo town Co. Sligo. A lot of people do not realise that the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil festival consists of a week of music and not just the weekend. The first five days of the festival week is devoted to Scoil Éigse, at which all aspiring musicians, dancers and singers of any age can attend tutorial classes held in various venues around the town. In addition, a get together for all players of all instruments to practice or learn new tunes is held in a local venue (Monday to Thursday nights) (usually 8.30 to 10pm.) This get together is called Club na hÉigse. On Friday night, a concert is held featuring music , dance and song performed by a selection of the Scoil Éigse tutors. Note that enrollments are usually held on Sunday (this year the 9th August) in order to allocate students to the correct location and tutor. Full details on Scoil Éigse can be obtained by clicking on the link on the right of this page.

The All-Ireland Fleadh weekend will then commence on Friday evening 14th and continue until Sunday evening 17th of August. Many musicians will stay on until Monday evening and some people find it more enjoyable as the huge crowds will have gone. Looking forward to meeting old and new acquaintances there! Checkout the full details by clicking on the link to the right.

For more information including Sligo tourism information click on this link to the Fleadh Cheoil 2015 website.

Click here on this link Scoil Éigse to directly access the relevant page on Scoil Éigse.

Selection of Reviews.
Review 4.

This review appeared in The Chronicle newpaper Northern Ireland and was written by journalist Mr. John Watts. (September 15th. 2004)

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Review 3.

This review appeared on the FolkWorld website (April. 2004)

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Review 2.
This review was published on the PaytheReckoning website. (Feb. 2004)
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Review 1.
This review of "The Floating BowHand" video is well worth reading! Written by the editor of "The Traditional Music Maker", a British music magazine published in London. UK. (August 2003)
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Old News.
Wednesday 5th January 2005
Jim McKillop, John Cunningham and myself (Brian Lambert) on
***The Marianne Finnucane Show***
on RTE Radio 1. (9.30.am)
Click Here for audio download of the Radio Show.
All-Ireland Fleadh 2003
The late John Cunningham (R.I.P.), Jim McKillop and the right elbow of Aidan Cunningham playing on the streets of Clonmel in August '03. Reminding us of the three weeks of scorching weather which we had before and including the weekend of Fleadh 2003. Many thanks to Alan & Mary Spencer for the photo on the left.