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***The Tribute CD.***

Tribute: This album is actually a double CD as it contains (23) tracks (containing 30 tunes) of a variety of fiddle styes including Irish & Scottish traditional tunes, beautiful Waltzes and Irish slow Airs, American and Hungarian music etc. Jim is accompanied by the talented guitarist Pat Conroy (long time accompanyist to the late great Sean Maguire) and James Quinn on Piano/Bass. This CD demonstrates once again why so many people consider Jim McKillop to be a world class player with a unique talent for expressive and emotional playing as well as technical expertise.


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  ***From the Parlour.***  
From the Parlour

From the Parlour: A fabulous CD featuring fifteen (15) tracks of Irish & Scottish Traditional tunes. This album professionally recorded in the natural setting with acoustic piano, guitar and double bass captures a sense of feeling and energy which can sometimes get lost in the clinically correct and overproduced studio album. In fact, the sound heard on this album, is reminisecent of recordings that pre-date the multitrack high tech era. Accompanied by: James Blennerhassett....Double Bass, Marie Askin...Acoustic piano, Matt McGrannaghan....Fiddle and Tim Murray....Acoustic Guitar.

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Live at Garter Lane

***Live at Garter Lane.***

Live at Garter Lane: Sixteen track taken live from the "Musical Giants" concert at Garter Lane featured in the Floating BowHand Video. These live performances (as recorded on the night) from Jim McKillop and his accompanying topclass musicians such as: Gerry (Banjo) O'Connor, Dick Farelly, Gary O'Briain, John Cunningham, Zoe Conway, James Blennerhassett, and Bobby Gardiner capture the music and atmosphere of that memorable concert.
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Tru the Years

***Tru the Years.***

Tru the Years: A superb compilation album of recordings by Jim McKillop through the years up to 2001. Twenty five tracks showing his artistic development over the past twenty years in the various musical styles for which he is known. Other well known musicians featured in the album include: Johnny Scott, Martin McAllister, Cathal Hayden, Gene Bannon, Dave Early, Mickey Diamond and Melvin Duffy.
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