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Jim McKillop has joined the Online Music School to produce (in the coming months) a series of violin lessons designed to suit all violin/fiddle players from beginner to advanced player level. Using the JMcK method of violin tuition, the primary emphasis will be for the student to develop the superb tone production and violin technique for which Jim is renowned.
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If you are viewing this page, then you are likely to be someone who:
Always wanted to play the fiddle but never did get started....
Plays the violin/fiddle but you want to improve your tone & technique.
Is just curious but day.....someday?
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You can learn to play violin/fiddle with good tone and technique in a variety of styles by using the JMcK method from Jim McKillop: one of the world's finest players. You don't have to spend years practising his method before you hear results, & you can start at any age provided you have normal manual dexterity.
Jim McKillop
We are talking about technique leading to good tone production and not just about learning tunes. If you want to learn tunes, there are many admirable web sites on the Internet which provide this service. However, learning a hundred tunes will not solve poor tone and weak sound. It just means you can now play a hundred tunes in the same way as before!

The Online Music School is presently developing lessons to teach violin/fiddle technique, using the JMcK method based on systematic learning principles. We will also supply the tunes in whatever style and quantity is required! These lessons will be available both on CD-ROM and also online via the Internet. See About Us for more information on systematic design.

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