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Note These linkpages are in the process of being rebuilt and modified as of 10/01/2013

Web sites of interest to musicians.

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Irish Traditional Music Websites.

    This is an excellent website with plenty of information and links.

    This website is a social networking website for Traditional Irish musicians

    Irish Traditional Music Tune Index.
    This website has a vast amount of information on Irish Traditional Music. The interface is plain text only, but if you want to know: (a) Information on tunes, (b) what percentage of reels are in AB (single reel) or ABAB(double reel) formats, (c) the top twenty most popular session reels as polled from the website's membership and much more, then it's well worth a visit.

    Internet Archive
    This website is not a dedicated traditional music website as it caters for a wide range of interests. However, it does contain material on Irish Traditional music. Select <Audio> at the top of the Home Page and enter the tune name in the search box and you will be surprised at the amount of information that pops up about the tune, its composer and when first recorded. A great bonus is the availability of the original 78 rpm Vinyl LP recording of the tune which can be listened to and/or downloaded.

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    Irish Traditional Music Organizations.

      Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann
      Comhaltas Ceoltóiri Eireann (CCE) is an Irish Traditional Music organization with headquarters based in Monkstown, Dublin Ireland. Founded in 1951 by a handful of volunteers, it has played a major part in saving the Irish Traditional arts from possible extinction at a time when the traditional cultures of many countries were disappearing due to the influence of the prevailing pop culture of the time. It has successfully promoted Irish culture (music, song, dance and language) on a global scale through its many branches worldwide and except for a small number of full time staff at its headquarters in Monkstown, it is run on a voluntary basis at local branch level by its many dedicated volunteers. The organization operates a wide range of activities and services including music instruction on a range of instruments, competitions, examinations, social events, promotions and festivals. This website deserves plenty of browsing time. Click on the <About Us> tab when you visit its website and click on the <History> link in the text to get some idea of what CCE has achieved. Then back to the <The Music> tab to access the music material available for musicians. This material also includes video material called Comhaltras Live, which features a collection of video performances by present day performers updated on a daily basis from around the world.

      Na Píobairí Uilleann
      Na Píobairí Uilleann (The Pipers Club) is another Irish Traditional Music organization and is based in Henrietta Street, Dublin. As its name implies, it is soley devoted to the preservation and advancement of Uilleann Piping in Irish Traditional music. Founded by a few volunteers in 1968, the organization was faced with not only preserving the Uilleann piping tradition, but also Uilleann Pipe making techniques. Once again, its website deserves a good browse to see how well the organization has succeeded in preserving and promoting both the Uilleann Piping and Uilleann Pipemaking traditions. It has many multimedia tutorials on both piping and pipemaking available for online sale together with information on workshops, recitals and events.

      Irish Traditional Music Archives
      Based in the heart of Georgian Dublin, (Merrion Square), the Irish Traditional Music Archives (ITMA) is a public non profit organization, providing the largest repository of irish traditional music material in the world. It has many facilities on offer to members of the public, including public room access, online computerized catalogues, digital library and an online shop featuring books, CDs and DVDs published by itself or its partners. Part of its work is the preservation of all the radio and television broadcasts of Irish Traditional music since the early 1940's, which has been achieved through many years of collaboration with the national broadcasters of Ireland (RTÉ and TG4) and Britain (BBC). This work has resulted in the re-broadcasting of much of the material via a very popular RTE TV series called "Come West Along the Road" which is presented by Nicholas Carolan, the director of the ITMA. DVDs featuring this long running TV series are available for sale from the ITMA or the RTE websites.

      Brú Ború
      The well known Irish Music, Song & Dance cultural group, based near the famous Rock of Cashel in Co.Tipperary Ireland. This centre performs live shows featuring the best of Irish culture. The centre also provides training courses in music, personal performance techniques etc.

      Irish Net
      An Online database of Irish cultural activities (USA)


      A database of all Celtic music in Europe.

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Irish Cultural Websites.

This website (Celtic Wedding Rings) is a commercial non musical website which normally I would not include on these linkpages. However, I am including it for two reasons: (a) it contains some very interesting webpages on Celtic music, dance, mythology and symbology, and (b) these pages were recommended by Samantha (surname unknown) of Compton Community Centre USA who has been researching Irish Culture using the existing webpage links on this website. I would like to thank Samantha and her mentor Ms. Alyssa Lozano for contacting me by email with this information.


More websites to be added and updated


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Scottish Music.

    Grand Chain - the Scottish Dance Resource
    Resource for Scottish dancers worldwide - includes information on bands, groups, events, links, dances, hints, and tips for Scottish country dance, ceilidh, highland, and step dance.
    Scottish, Irish and Celtic music... CD, DVD and video store with mp3 search engine and directory of artists, bands and organizations in Scotland.
    Taigh na Teud Sheet Music Publishers
    Celtic, Scottish and Irish sheet music publishers. Tunes for fiddle, harp, pipes and many other traditional instruments, also CDs and Tutor books.
    Music In Scotland
    Gateway to Scotland's Music - Scottish, Irish, Celtic & Folk Music... CDs - information and links to other Celtic sites.
    The Scottish and Irish Traditional Celtic Music Store
    Scottish, Irish & Celtic CDs by almost every artist. From Accordion to Whistle plus Bagpipes. Celtic traditional folk songs, music and more.
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American Music.

    The Music Barn.
    Featuring cassettes and cds, compact discs, videos and books of old-time country music, instrumental music and popular music from the 1930s to the 1960s
    The Country Grapevine
    A website devoted to upcoming festivals and events in Florida USA on Bluegrass/Country/Acoustic/Folk music and country dance including Square/Line/Contra/Clogging etc. The website has an impressive list of links to the websites of artistes in Country Music.
    The Alum Creek Singers
    A quartet featuring bluegrass, country, folk and gospel with downloadable music, local and online resources together with interesting information for aspiring musicians.
    Voyager Records.
    Voyager Recordings and Publications is an independent recording and publishing company that features the best in old time music, records, tunes and Bluegrass, especially fiddle music, primarily from the Pacific Northwest.
    Ted Sims
    Bluegrass and Old Time events, jams & dances in North/South Carolina USA.
    Tricopolis Records
    Bluegrass Music: Tricopolis Records is dedicated to promoting quality West Coast Bluegrass and Acoustic Music.
    Canyon Records Productions
    Old Time music of the USA.

    Official organization for Old Time Music. With International Resources For Fiddlers and All Acoustic Musicians. Packed full of links.
    Old Time Music.
    Source on Appalachian Old Time Music of America.
    Swing Cat: Swing, Folk and Fiddle Recordings
    Offering great old swing jazz; timeless Mexican music from the Tierra Caliente; old time fiddle breakdowns, waltzes and rags nosed out by our clever feline.
    The Old-Time Music Home Page
    The Old-Time Music Home Page is devoted to the music of the Southern Appalachians - primarily fiddle and banjo music as was popular between the revolutionary and civil wars.
    Texas Folklife Resources
    Texas-style fiddle music bibliography including books, films, music, and internet sites.

    Virginia Folklife Program
    Honoring and providing support services for traditional artists and performers, and helping communities develop plans and projects to strengthen their own cultural traditions.
    American Memory.
    Fiddle Tunes of the American Frontier.
    Plenty of links to American music venues & performers plus information on some of the great American Old Time fiddlers.
    Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camps.
    Hosted by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason near Woodstock, NY USA
    Camsco Music.
    Recordings of various artists including Traditional fiddlers etc
    Halcyon Days Music.
    A very interesting free MIDI Old Time music collection of early 20th Century American Music from the 1900s to the 1920s. The tunes are also available separately in standard music notation.
    Fiddle Music: Fiddle Tunes, Sheet Music, Books, CDs
    Ever growing resource for fiddle music enthusiasts, artists, luthiers. Tunes, fiddlers, fiddles, recordings, fiddle forum, history, instruction and more.
    FiddleFork Online
    Worlds largest fiddle fiddle players online community. Made by fiddle players for fiddle players. Discussion forums, downloads, chat, celebrities, links, calendar and much more.
    Folk Music - Bluegrass Music - Alt Country - Roots Rock - MilesofMusic.com
    Provides a variety of the best of Americana music including: folk music, bluegrass music, alt country, roots rock, folk rock, music by singer songwriters, bands like Uncle Tupelo, and more.
    House of Musical Traditions
    The House of Musical Traditions online storefront, a destination for exotic musical instruments, books and recordings from around the world.
    Old time,historic American, bluegrass music and American folklore
    Native Ground Music produces recordings and books of old time, bluegrass, gospel and folk music plus music instruction books.Civil War, Railroad,traditional American music and folklore.
    Ozark Folk Center State Park of Arkansas.
    Click on Mountain Music on their homepage.
    Roots of American Fiddle Music.
    Recordings are devoted to original 78rpm Fiddle Band recordings and the associated History and Lore.
    The Folk Art Society of America
    Interesting articles on fiddle music. The unique world of contemporary folk, self-taught, and outsider art - articles, calendar and more
    Western Music,Spanish,Gospel,Fiddle, Music CD Sales
    Music CD sales. Western music, fiddle music, cowboy songs and ballads, gospel, Christmas music, Tex Mex, tejano, American Indian music, flamenco guitar, Latin jazz, and saloon piano music.
    Mel Bay.com: Products for guitar, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, fiddle, ukulele
    Specialising in guitar, mandolin, banjo, flute, jazz, tinwhistle, Mel Bay, dulcimer, guitar lesson, music books, flamenco, banjo, harmonica, recorder

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Canadian Music.

Cape Breton Music.

Music of the Hebrides.

Hebrides - A Virtual Guide (Inner and Outer)
Irish Pipe and Fiddle Music - Irish Music from the Virtual Hebrides. Also Folk music.

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Celtic Music.

Music Reviews.
    An excellent site for reviews of folk & traditional music: new releases plus news and tips.

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    Music Clubs.

    The Electric Blues Club
    An excellent English based online club and resource site for Rock, Blues and Folk musicians offering plenty of information on the music industry, music resources, music lessons, educational listings and new music. Well worth a visit.

Traditional Music Clubs.

    The Session
    A very good site for musicians to swop Traditional Tunes/Recordings/Sessions.

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    Music Training.

    MusicGoals by Eye and Ear - Ear training, sight reading, instrument study, and music theory training software.
    Suzuki Digital Grand Piano - Qchord
    Suzuki digital pianos from Richard's Music - upright to grand piano styles. Suzuki Q Chord, an exci! ting digital instrument that
    anyone - musician or not - can play.

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Music Magazines.

    Rob the Fiddler
    The website of Robert Stave. Texas fiddler. Packed full of information, links and interesting insights into a working musician's lifestyle.
    Mp3 Players
    Dotones.com - Digital Cameras, Camcorders,Video Games, TVs and More! This website may seem out of place in this category but check
    out their links page as it contains an excellent directory of music resources.

    The Chieftains
    The website of the Chieftains (Irish Traditional music) outlining records, biogs of members, tours etc.
    Determan Blog
    Fiddle Lesson notes and songs
    Sonya O'Brien
    Master fiddler, fiddle teacher and director of the Boghill Centre near Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare Ireland. The Boghill Centre provides accommodation and lessons in Irish Traditional music for all instruments .
    Fiddlebooks - Gordon Stobbe's Fiddle Music
    Gordon Stobbes instructional fiddle books, fiddle tune books, CDs and cassettes of fiddle, old-time and stringband music.
    Ryan Thomson.
    Ryan Thomson: Fiddle Player and multi-instrumentalist, performer/author/educator.
    Chris Bartram
    English Fiddle Music.
    The website of South Asian multi-instrumentalist Fawzia Begum (now residing in the USA). Check out her new CD featuring a Neil Diamond instrumental tribute plus some original compositions. Audio samples available.
    Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Home Page

    Jay Ungar and Molly Mason are performers, composers and teachers specializing in 19th and 20th century American folk songs and dance music with an emphasis on fiddle styles and music of the American Civil War.
    Ladies of electric violin and electric violin resources
    Electric Violin players and resources
    Pierre Schryer - Fiddle Music
    French-Canadian Fiddle Player.
    The John Hartford Web Page
    John Hartford's unique combination of bluegrass, folk, country, and old-time music is chronicled in his complete discography.
    Scottish music from Foot Stompin' Celtic Music
    Celtic music from the bright young stars of the Scottish music scene - free mp3 downloads and CDs from $7
    Scottish Music.
    A well known Scottish Traditional Music band of musicians.
    San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers
    The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers formed in 1986 to play traditional Scottish fiddle music. Members meet each month in homes around the San Francisco Bay area for jam sessions and workshops, and give an annual spring concert series under the direction of noted Scots fiddler, Alasdair Fraser.
    April Verch
    The fiddle music of April Verch. Broad repertoire features traditional and contemporary tunes ranging in source and inspiration from French Canadian to Appalachian, from Bluegrass to Celtic, and Brazilian to Old Time.
    The Standing Stones.
    The Standing Stones perform traditional music, harp and song from Scotland and Ireland in the San Francisco Bay area. Their website also features a large collection of information about traditional music and related topics.
    Ceide-Contemporary Folk
    Website of Ceide-Contemporary Trad/Folk group.
    Ger Wolfe
    Website of Ger Wolfe irish singer/songwriter with info. on his music, new release, tours etc.
    Luka Bloom
    Website of Singer/Songwriter/guitarist Luka Bloom with info. on his music, new release, tours etc.
    Altan - The Official Web Site
    The official site of Altan, one of Ireland's biggest name in traditional music.
    Brian Kelly
    The website of Brian Kelly. (All Ireland Champion Banjo player)
    Cathal Hayden
    Website of Cathal Hayden:fiddle/Banjo player from Co. Tyrone Ireland. Solo artist and member of
    trad group "Four Men and a Dog".

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Violin & Viola Makers.

Stringed Instrument & Repair.

Instrument Strings.

    South West Strings
    A good source for instrument strings from the website of www.swstrings.com
    Website of the famous Thomastic Guitar and Fiddle string manufacturer.

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