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Video samples from The Floating Bowhand.

Below are almost thirteen (13) minutes of the 105 minute Floating Bowhand video (taken from various sections of the product to demonstrate the range of music and the superb violin/fiddle playing tone and technique of Jim McKillop and other top class musicians.

To play the Video Samples.
The video samples below are in Windows Media 9 (wmv) format so you need to have Windows Media Player 9 Series installed on your PC. If you have it already installed, then just click one of the buttons below for the desired video clip. If you want to install the player, it's free and it's the latest standard and takes just a few minutes to download. Just click the Windows Media Player 9 Series logo below and follow the instructions supplied by Microsoft, as it's well worth the effort.

"The Floating Bowhand" video is not a "home video or amateur production" but a professional production commissioned by The Online Music School, e.g., four cameras crews (with one Jimmy Jib) were used for the filming of the Garter Lane Concert featured in the video. This means it was produced at professional broadcast quality, so don't judge the Floating Bowhand DVD/Video by these samples! Each video sample is heavily compressed for fast download times: for example the video clip of My Lagan Love is just 2.68 Megabytes, while the same clip as a Mpeg file would be 15.6 Megabytes! However, these downloadable samples are of sufficient quality to be enjoyed and fully demonstrate the superb fiddle playing of Jim McKillop.

Download times will depend on whether you have an ordinary analogue 56kbit Modem (max. databit rate of 44kbits/sec), an ISDN Digital link (a true databit rate of 64kbits/sec) or Broadband ADSL link (anything from 256kbits/sec upwards).
***Please remember that you are viewing just a small section of each tune***
Violin Making
2.35 Mbytes
Part of the fascinating input on how a violin is made.
Faded Love
2.21 Mbytes
Jim recording the tune in a Recording Studio
The Orange Blossom Special.
3.52 Mbytes
Just watch the speed of the Bow and you'll understand why the video got its name.
My Lagan Love
2.68 Mbytes
One of the great Irish Slow Airs. Lights dimmed and enjoy Violin & bottleneck Guitar.
Flax in Bloom/Pigeon on the Gate.
2.36 Mbytes
One of the lovely Jim McKillop/Bobby Gardiner sets.
Full Moon Waltz
2.24 Mbytes
Fiddle tuned to an alternative tuning of A Major.
Ashokan Farewell
2.21 Mbytes
Another special duo with Zoe Conway.
The Mountain Road/The Bucks.
1.77 Mbytes
Jim with students on the street at the All Ireland Fleadh.
The Coolin
2.79 Mbytes
A classic Irish slow air that touches the heart whether you're Irish or not!
The Auld Fiddler
1.88 Mbytes
From a rollicking Pub session.
Tennessee Waltz
2.14 Mbytes
Towards the end of the Garter Lane concert.
Note for Parents of young violin/fiddle players.
If you have a child learning Classical or Traditional or whatever music type, have you ever wished that they could play some beautiful melodies and standards that are popular in many cultures, in addition to those boring old etudes and study pieces that are not exactly brimming over with melodic structure? Let's face it, we parents are the same the world over. We spend a small fortune paying for our children's violin lessons over a number of years and just once we wish they could play a few tunes that we can recognise and enjoy, especially at extended family or social gatherings.
Part of the answer could be the Floating Bowhand video.

Viewing just sections of this video, your child will be won over to increase her/his repertoire and learn to play many of these melodies and tunes. (Remember there are 58 music pieces in many different styles). The playing will not be at the technical standard of Jim Mckillop initially, but improvement comes when the player enjoys what he/she is playing. Don't worry that learning these tunes and melodies will somehow interfere with the child's progress with existing studies. They don't have to change technique to play this music: they just have to listen, watch, enjoy and play along!
We at the Online Music School believe that on viewing the full video, you will be interested in the lessons that we are currently producing based on the JMcK method of violin/fiddle playing. We commissioned this video for that very reason. When these lessons are ready, we make the following promise. The cost of your purchase of the Floating Bowhand video will be credited against the cost of the lessons.